Habitat restoration brings back Oregon chub

From Courthouse News:

“Sun streamed through bare willow branches lining the North Santiam River as a great blue heron plucked a pike minnow from the shallow edge. Clumps of gelatinous salamander egg masses shone like jewels in the mud. Two wintering bald eagles soared overhead. And the tiny Oregon chub thrived in the warm, shallow water.  “At first we thought we’d make the right habitat, then recolonize the habitat. But before we could recolonize, they showed up. Kind of like, if you make it, they will come,” said Brian Bangs, a biologist with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  The Oregon Chub is the first fish ever to be removed from the Endangered Species List due to resurgence in numbers. The only other fish removed from the list were taken off because they became extinct. … “

Read more from Courthouse News here:  Habitat restoration brings back Oregon chub

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