CRAM (California Rapid Assessment Method) training dates for 2015 announced

CRAM logoThe California Rapid Assessment Method for wetlands and riparian areas (CRAM) has been developed as a tool for standardized and cost-effective assessment of wetland condition. This training session will provide the skills necessary to consistently conduct accurate assessments of wetlands using CRAM, and will provide guidance on the use of CRAM for ambient and project assessment and monitoring. The session involves both classroom and field instruction, with an emphasis on the field component. To successfully complete the course, participants will be required to pass a written and a field-based proficiency examination.


  • Understand the structure, technical concepts, and assumptions of CRAM
  • Gain hands-on field and office experience
  • Learn about eCRAM and quality assurance procedures
  • Provide guidance to accurately use CRAM for ambient and project assessment and monitoring

For more information and for dates of the training workshops, click here.

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