Déjà Vu: El Niño Take Two

DejaVu_subsurface_temps_610From the ENSO blog:

“Here we are—in March 2015—and we’ve got…  above-average temperatures in the subsurface equatorial Pacific, westerly wind anomalies near the surface across the western tropical Pacific Ocean, and El Niño favored through the Northern Hemisphere Summer with a 50-60% chance.  Unbelievably, it was exactly last year at this time (March 2014) when we were watching the progress of a strong downwelling Kelvin wave crossing the equatorial Pacific (#1), in part driven by westerly wind anomalies (#2), and some folks were getting excited about a potentially strong El Niño by the end of 2014 (#3).  It’s similar enough to have us rubbing our eyes and double-checking the year on the calendar. … ”

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