Finding ‘Missing Link’ Between Vegetation and Carbon Sequestration

carbon sequestrationFrom the Delta Stewardship Council newsletter:

“Although it’s been about two years since she started as a Delta Science Fellow, Dr. Iryna Dronova is still heavily involved in researching the vegetative cover of various wetland areas of the Delta as a way to help other researchers build models that will ultimately assist them in estimating the carbon sequestration potential across entire wetland landscapes.

“This kind of work has only been done sporadically in wetlands, so we spent a lot of time in the first year just learning which techniques worked better,” Dronova said. “Now I’m more confident on how to approach the field measurements and linking them to the NASA Landsat satellite imaging archives.”

Determining how much carbon can be taken up by Delta-area plants offers the region the possibility of becoming financially self-sustaining through the emerging carbon crediting market. The market allows entities with large carbon footprints to purchase credits from absorption areas like the Delta thereby mitigating their own carbon emissions. … ”

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