New approaches for responding to climate change in the Delta

From the Delta Science Program:

“Climate change is one of many threats facing the San Francisco Bay-Delta region, and has the potential to dramatically alter ecosystem health and function on a vast scale. Among the many challenges facing resource managers are understanding what the specific impacts of climate change will be and the mitigation/accommodation options that could be available.

To understand those impacts and options, the Delta Stewardship Council’s Delta Science Program and the U.C. Davis Center for Aquatic Biology & Aquaculture (CABA) and Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute presented a seminar May 6 at U.C. Davis on “New Approaches for Responding to Climate Change in the San Francisco Bay-Delta.”

“The seminar highlighted how much is now known about the expected Bay-Delta system response to climate change beyond the well-publicized direct impacts of sea level rise and changing snowpack,” said the Council’s Lead Scientist Dr. Peter Goodwin. “These more subtle responses include greater frequency of hypoxia, or depressed levels of dissolved oxygen.”...

Read more from the Delta Stewardship Council here:  New approaches for responding to climate change in the Delta

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