Preserving Solano’s Cullinan Ranch

cullinanrach.06From Comstock’s Magazine:

“Early this year, saltwater came gushing through a levee that had kept a vast pasture at the north edge of San Pablo Bay dry for more than a century. The breach was no accident.

Cullinan Ranch, a large piece of federal property at the southwestern corner of Solano County, was used for hay farming and rangeland beginning in the 1880s, when the wetland was dyked and drained — a fate that has befallen most of the marshes surrounding San Francisco Bay. But a group of local citizens began lobbying in the 1980s for a restoration project that would protect the land from development and also restore the land to its historic state as a vast tidal zone. Algae, clams and bat rays, seals, hawks and grizzly bears: All thrived here. And while the bears won’t likely return, fully returning a drained wetland to its previous state is often a rather easy endeavor: Just add water. … ”

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