Reducing entrainment risk for juvenile green sturgeon

From the FishBio blog:

Water diversions make outmigration a risky business for juvenile green sturgeon in the Sacramento River, but new research points to solutions for reducing this threat. In a previous Fish Report, we described a study conducted by researchers from the University of California, Davis, who discovered that juvenile green sturgeon were more likely to be entrained than juvenile Chinook salmon during their outmigration, and were particularly bad at escaping from diversion pipes. The authors concluded that unscreened diversion pipes may present a potentially significant source of mortality for juvenile green sturgeon. This is not good news for the sturgeon, given the gauntlet of more than 3,000 water diversions across the Central Valley, many of them unscreened. However, the same researchers have followed up with a new publication in the journal Conservation Physiology that provides a glimmer of hope for this threatened species. … ”

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