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Big Data Helps Scientists Dig Deeper

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Supercomputing + 40 Years of Landsat Images = A New Era for Earth Science By Holli Riebeeik; NASA Earth Observatory “When Rebecca Moore received the formal notice in 2006 about a proposed forest thinning initiative, she nearly tossed it out. The letter included an unintelligible black-and-white topographic map of her central California community. It marked the location of the forest […]

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National Science Foundation announces plan for comprehensive public access to research results


From the National Science Foundation: “Today, the National Science Foundation (NSF), announced its continued commitment to expand public access to the results of its funded research through the publication of its public access plan, Today’s Data, Tomorrow’s Discoveries. NSF’s public access is intended to accelerate the dissemination of fundamental research results that will advance the frontiers of knowledge and help […]

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