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Cullinan finally in the fold


From Estuary News: “Real estate developers often name their projects for what they’ve displaced: Quail Acres, Live Oak Estates. Egret Bay would have been another such necronym. The 4,500-home development proposed for the former Cullinan Ranch on San Pablo Bay in 1983 would have left little room for egrets, or other birds. A citizen’s group, Vallejoans for Cost Efficient Growth, […]

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Filtering agricultural runoff with constructed and restored wetlands


From the California Institute for Rural Studies: “Non-point source pollution (NPS) is a global problem affecting the safety of our drinking water supply and aquatic habitats. According to the 2000 National Water Quality Inventory, agriculturally derived NPS is the leading cause of water quality degradation in surface waters. Pollutants originating from agricultural runoff include sediment, nutrients (N and P), pesticides, […]

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Increased sensitivity to climate change in disturbed ecosystems


From Science Daily: “Undisturbed ecosystems can be resistant to changing climatic conditions, but this resistance is reduced when ecosystems are subject to natural or anthropogenic disturbances. Plants are particularly sensitive to climatic changes in early life stages and even small climatic changes can cause vegetation shifts when ecosystems are disturbed by fires, insect outbreaks or other disturbances.  This is the […]

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Home on the range, Year 2100: Land Use and Climate Change Could Impact Wildlife, Water Supplies


From the USGS: “Grassland habitats on rangelands in California’s Central Valley and surrounding foothills could decline by as much as 37 percent by 2100 due to changes in land use and climate, according to new scientific projections by the U.S. Geological Survey.  The peer reviewed, scientific paper was published recently in the journal Landscape Ecology. In addition to habitat loss, […]

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The impact of surface water diversions for marijuana cultivation on aquatic habitat in four Northwestern California watersheds

AUTHORS: Scott Bauer, Jennifer Olson, Adam Cockrill, Michael van Hattem, Linda Miller, Margaret Tauzer, Gordon Leppig ABSTRACT: “Marijuana (Cannabis sativa L.) cultivation has proliferated in northwestern California since at least the mid-1990s. The environmental impacts associated with marijuana cultivation appear substantial, yet have been difficult to quantify, in part because cultivation is clandestine and often occurs on private property. To […]

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Yolo Bypass Symposium, part 1: A flood of plans and possibilities


Symposium focuses on how to integrate agriculture, wildlife, and public access on the managed floodplain From Maven’s Notebook: In between Sacramento and Davis lies the Yolo Bypass, a narrow strip of land 40 miles long and 3 miles wide. Capable of carrying four times the flow of the Sacramento River, the bypass is part of a larger flood control system […]

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