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Turning the tide for wildlife on Humboldt Bay

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From USFWS Field Notes: For conservationists in the uppermost parts of coastal northern California there is a great desire to restore tidal influences to diked coastal wetland habitats surrounding Humboldt Bay, which is second only to San Francisco Bay in terms of size, and the numbers and diversity of migratory waterbirds that winter along California’s coastal Pacific Flyway.  Estuaries are […]

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Droughts, climate change, and dams: Reconciling a future for California’s native fishes

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Dr. Peter Moyle lays out a statewide aquatic conservation strategy for saving California’s native fishes in the face of climate change By Maven/Maven’s Notebook “I want to start out talking about the drought and native fishes and why this is an issue, and then bring in climate change, because the drought today is doing what we expect climate change to […]

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Copper Effects on Salmon Influenced by Salinity


From Estuary News: “Nietzsche was wrong:
 what doesn’t kill you doesn’t necessarily make you stronger. Sublethal doses of toxic copper can reduce a salmon’s chances of survival, but new research suggests impacts may be different in saltier water. A decade of research by David Baldwin of NOAA’s North
west Fisheries Science Center 
and other biologists has shown
 that in some situations, […]

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‘Refuge’ for the endangered Delta smelt — newly funded


From UC Davis: “Delta smelt are hard to find. Federally listed as threatened in 1993 and as endangered under the California Endangered Species Act in 2009, they are an iconic species for water issues in the state. But there’s one place where the fish can be found by the thousands — the Fish Conservation and Culture Laboratory at the University […]

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The impact of surface water diversions for marijuana cultivation on aquatic habitat in four Northwestern California watersheds

AUTHORS: Scott Bauer, Jennifer Olson, Adam Cockrill, Michael van Hattem, Linda Miller, Margaret Tauzer, Gordon Leppig ABSTRACT: “Marijuana (Cannabis sativa L.) cultivation has proliferated in northwestern California since at least the mid-1990s. The environmental impacts associated with marijuana cultivation appear substantial, yet have been difficult to quantify, in part because cultivation is clandestine and often occurs on private property. To […]

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Habitat restoration brings back Oregon chub

Oregon chub

From Courthouse News: “Sun streamed through bare willow branches lining the North Santiam River as a great blue heron plucked a pike minnow from the shallow edge. Clumps of gelatinous salamander egg masses shone like jewels in the mud. Two wintering bald eagles soared overhead. And the tiny Oregon chub thrived in the warm, shallow water.  “At first we thought […]

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In search of hatchery solutions


From the FishBio blog: “As discussed in a recent Fish Report, the hatchery system in California is currently facing a growing number of concerns about the role fish hatcheries should play in helping wild salmon and steelhead stocks. Many would argue that hatcheries are simply treating the symptoms, and not the causes, of salmon decline. While the state’s 10 anadromous […]

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Yolo Bypass Symposium part 2: Fish, fowl, and the mercury conundrum


Restoration efforts have succeeded in restoring waterfowl populations in the Yolo Bypass; can the same happen now for fish? Plus the latest research on methylmercury and wetlands restoration. When the floodwaters flow into the Yolo Bypass in the late winter and early spring in some years, dramatic changes occur. Salmon, splittail, and other native fish species come onto the floodplain […]

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