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Copper Effects on Salmon Influenced by Salinity


From Estuary News: “Nietzsche was wrong:
 what doesn’t kill you doesn’t necessarily make you stronger. Sublethal doses of toxic copper can reduce a salmon’s chances of survival, but new research suggests impacts may be different in saltier water. A decade of research by David Baldwin of NOAA’s North
west Fisheries Science Center 
and other biologists has shown
 that in some situations, […]

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Manipulative pond scum


From the FishBio blog: “Algal blooms in freshwater lakes are often considered a harmful side effect of human land-use practices that shed excess nutrients into waterways, through sources like farming runoff and pollution. However, a new study from a multi-institutional collaboration lead by Dartmouth College shows that these external nutrient sources are not always needed for algae to thrive. Cyanobacteria, […]

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