Turning the tide for wildlife on Humboldt Bay

McDaniel Slough AfterFrom USFWS Field Notes:

For conservationists in the uppermost parts of coastal northern California there is a great desire to restore tidal influences to diked coastal wetland habitats surrounding Humboldt Bay, which is second only to San Francisco Bay in terms of size, and the numbers and diversity of migratory waterbirds that winter along California’s coastal Pacific Flyway. 

Estuaries are considered among the most productive habitats in the world and the opportunity to breach a levee to restore such an important estuary system in California doesn’t happen every day.  Nobody understands this more than the dozens of people and agencies that worked on the McDaniel’s Slough Wetland Enhancement Project, an effort that began in 1999 and was finally completed in 2013. … ”

Read more from the US FWS Field Notes here:  Turning the tide for wildlife on Humboldt Bay

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